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Dental Terms

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Understanding Dental Attrition and Its Impact

Dental attrition is a specific type of tooth wear that occurs as a result of tooth-to-tooth contact, leading to the gradual loss of tooth tissue. This wear typically begins at the biting surfaces of teeth, known as the incisal or occlusal surfaces. While some degree of tooth wear is considered a natural part of the aging process, excessive or advanced tooth surface loss can become a pathological condition that requires attention from a dental professional.

Normal vs. Pathological Tooth Wear

Normal tooth wear is a physiological process that occurs over time due to regular chewing and biting activities. However, when tooth wear becomes excessive and leads to significant loss of tooth structure, it is considered pathological and may necessitate intervention by a dental practitioner. Pathological wear can have various underlying causes, such as bruxism, which involves the clenching and grinding of teeth, especially during sleep.

Impact and Risks of Excessive Attrition

As dental attrition progresses, it can lead to the wearing away of enamel, the outer protective layer of the tooth. This can expose the underlying dentin, which is more sensitive and vulnerable to various issues. With enamel worn away, there is an increased risk of dental caries (cavities) and dentin hypersensitivity, where patients experience discomfort when consuming hot or cold foods and beverages. Furthermore, severe attrition can result in changes to the bite, potentially leading to jaw pain, headaches, and other oral health complications.

Early Identification and Prevention

It is crucial to identify pathological dental attrition at an early stage to prevent unnecessary loss of tooth structure. Unlike enamel, dentin does not have the capacity to regenerate, making preservation of enamel essential for maintaining oral health. Regular dental check-ups can aid in identifying signs of attrition and enabling timely intervention to prevent further damage.

Your Dental Care Partner

At New Edinburgh Dental, we are committed to safeguarding your oral health and preserving your natural teeth. If you suspect excessive tooth wear or have concerns about dental attrition, please reach out to us at (613) 742-8016. Our practice, located at 200 Beechwood Ave. in Vanier, ON, is dedicated to providing comprehensive dental care to address your needs and maintain the health of your smile.

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